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[ profile] beowabbit is unwell right now. It began with increasing pain at the base of his skull over the past few days, limiting is mobility and and eventually eliminating his ability to drive or lay down comfortably in any position for long. When pain with swallowing became a thing yesterday morning, it was time to go to MIT Urgent Care to see a doctor.

A seed of fear had been planted in us about menengitis or other spinal/brain stem infection, but he examining doctor at MIT Medical ruled that out for now. It seems to be a serious muscle issue, possibly brought on by a too-tight CPAP mask strap, but we really just don't know how it came about. He has a bad reaction to the muscle relaxant he was prescribed (Cyclobenzaprine). It was as if he had been "roofied." A call to MIT Medical took him off that drug and onto regular Ibuprophen. Itwas a rough night, and I slept downstairs so that he could have the whole bed to find (semi) comfortable positions to lay in.

He's not well enough for visitors, but I know he would love to get messages and comments from friends. We're doing what we can to get him through this.

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Date: 2015-06-23 11:17 pm (UTC)
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being ill is no fun at all.
hope your dear beowabbit can achieve wellness quickly.
I hear there's a new kind of CPAP on the market (or nearly ready) that is much easier for folks.
My mum uses one, as does a dear friend so I know they can be quite a bother.
Anywho --
Feel better soon.


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