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Opening night of Twelfth Night was great! The audience was lovely and bigger than most Thursday audiences. If you're local, I hope you'll come see it!
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Sorry for the utter lack of postiness lately. September has been packed, and it's about to get moreso. I'm in Theatre@First's Twelfth Night and if you're local I hope you'll come see it! Deets are here.
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Today my [ profile] beowabbit is 47 and loved to the ends of the universe. Happy birthday, my precious joy!
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It's so nice and cool out tonight! I love when summer is wrapping up and I have to put on socks. It's a perfect evening for baking. [ profile] beowabbit and I just took a loaf of banana bread out of the oven 9the recipe has bourbon in it!) and the two pumpkin pies will also come out shortly. There's also a mini experiment with crustless pumpkin pie in there with them. The house smells heavenly!
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I have just joined the ensemble cast of Theatre@First's Twelfth Night, stepping into the shoes of the extremely busy [ profile] derspatchel, for whom Something Had To Give. I am completely gobsmacked to have been asked (I never even auditioned), but am nonetheless delighted to be jumping in for the team. Many thanks to Ari for this opportunity!

So there's this, as well as [ profile] beowabbit's PMRP Night of The Living Dead, for which I am foley captain. Hookay, I know what this fall is going to look like. If you ask:

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If you or anyone you know is looking, my workplace is hiring:

Job Description: DIRECTOR OF INTERACTIVE DEVELOPMENT, Sloan School of Management, to be responsible for the technical development of websites and other interactive media. Will lead the development and production of websites, mobile, social media, apps, emails, feeds, video, etc.; determine the best technologies and processes for interactive media development; serve as web or solutions architect; and ensure Sloan is providing users with a leading-edge interactive experience consistent with MIT's heritage of innovation.

Job Requirements: REQUIRED: a minimum seven years of related experience; a bachelor's degree (relevant advanced degree strongly preferred); experience leading the interactive development function for a nationally known organization or agency; experience serving as a web or solutions architect; excellent interactive development skills across various platforms such as the web, mobile, social video, email, etc.; expert-level knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end development tools; development experience in LAMP (PHP) and ASP.NET frameworks; experience managing and building websites on CMS systems including Ektron, Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal, and SharePoint (particularly Ektron); experience managing video platforms and integrating third-party APIs such as Google Maps, YouTube, etc.; experience with design and publishing software including Adobe Creative Suite and video editing software; deep understanding of new technologies, including HTML5, responsive design, etc.; and strong SEO and site analytics skills. MIT-00009657-R
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Here's dinner, my love! I'll leave out the tomatoes, of course. :-)

Catching Up

Aug. 2nd, 2013 10:27 am
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Wow, I haven't even logged into LJ in over two weeks. This used to be my "front page of the Internet," and I can remember when I had a window open on LJ at all times. Now it's like visiting an old friend who I don't know very well anymore.

A few update-y bits:

*Last night was-- god willing and the crick don't rise -- my last math class EVER. I am delighted to have that behind me so I can push ahead and finish this bachelor's degree.

*I went to Rochester last weekend to see my bio-family. My mother's dementia is just off the charts. It's like she's 79 going on 110. This isn't Alzheimers, it's the damage done by a lifetime of alcoholism. Even though she is no longer allowed alcohol and has no way to get it herself, you can't tell that she's not actually physically drunk. We're looking into facility options.

*Grand-nephew Jacob is the cutest little guy ever. 10 months old already! He's very smart and curious and exploratory. Current favorite activities include banging on the piano, learning to walk, babbling long lectures and spilling Great Aunt Mare's lemonade all over the both of us. He was particularly pleased with himself over that stunt. :-)

*My office has moved to far East Cambridge. The building and grounds are very beautiful, but the location is quite inconvenient to the MIT campus. Still, it's a job. I will have been here 3 years in November.

*Wuzzleversary is August 10! Seven years with my beloved [ profile] beowabbit, and with each day we're more in love with each other! We have a romantic date planned, and also an evening harbor cruise with the Revels singers. Who has two thumbs and is the luckiest girl in the world? THIS GUY! :-)
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For those not in the area, we are having the worst and longest heatwave I can ever remember for Massachusetts. Yankee girl that I am, I'm not handling it well. In extended heat I get kind of sick. No outdoor activities for me until this breaks.

[ profile] beowabbit is in North Carolina for a few days visiting family, and I'm here at his house for the night to look after his kitty Chicken Finger. She is huge and very thick-coated, but we have the blessing of air conditioning. Hunkered down in Quincy, we are.
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The first in a series of de-crufting efforts. Come to 7 Bay State today and tomorrow for lots of free books and women's shoes (mostly size 8, a few size 7 or 9). Prime pickins include a $100 pair of Harley Davidson women's size 7 biker boots (worn once), a Berlitz Teach-Yourself-French kit, and more. I'm going to Quincy for the weekend shortly so I can't reserve stuff for you, but come get free stuff!

Happy 4th!

Jul. 4th, 2013 03:40 pm
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Happy 4th of July, everyone! It's beyond hot today. I'm staying in the air-conditioning and not going out for anything. Just working on my Cask of Amontillado script and drinking ice water. Stay safe and hydrated, all!


Jun. 26th, 2013 01:32 pm
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If same-sex marriage ruins and invalidates your marriage, then I suggest you get divorced. Just end it. If gays can marry, then marriage is worthless for anyone, right? Just divorce your spouse and never get married again.

If you don't want to do anything that gays do, you should stop eating chicken. You should stop wearing socks. You should stop taking a multi-vitimin daily. You should stop clipping coupons. You should stop washing your hands. You should stop driving. You should stop using your dishwasher. You should get rid of your pet. You should stop having children. You should stop working. You should stop loving. Gays do all of those things all the time, and they've ruined them all, haven't they?
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After a busy weekend with lots of wuzzle time, it is now time to clean out the fridge and freezer. I really ought to be wearing a Tyvek suit. Wish me luck!

No Dad

Jun. 16th, 2013 01:19 pm
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I don't have a father anymore, and in many ways I never did. The dice didn't roll very favorably for me in the father department. The best I can really say about my father and my step-father was that neither of them ever sexually molested me, and for that much I am grateful. But they both made me feel worthless and of no value. They've both passed away, and I don't feel pain about that.

The person I miss today is [ profile] beowabbit's late beloved step-father Don. Even though he didn't have any biological children of his own, he was a wise and loving father to anyone who wanted him to be. He was full of wit and curiosity, frequently full of mischief, and was head over heels in love with his bride, Jay's mom Ruth. Jay and I, Jay's sister and her husband and their kids...he was a dad to us all and probably to other people as well. There were hundreds of people at his funeral and I wonder who else looked up to him that way.

I don't mean to get emotional and I seldom have a reason to cry, but Don isn't supposed to be dead. He's supposed to be in Illinois right this very minute, puttering in the yard or putting on his sneakers or hanging out at Rotary or making Ruth laugh or running to the store or anything else he would do on a Sunday like today. There is a hole in the world and it's shaped like Don.

We love you and miss you, Don. Happy Father's Day.


Jun. 8th, 2013 07:47 am
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Happy Pride, everyone! I will be at the Pride Festival all day working the Theatre@First/PMRP booth. Come on down, noon to 6PM. The worst of the rain seems to be over, and I'm looking forward to a great festival. Hope to see you there!
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I love growing vegetables in containers on my balcony. I'm doing it for the 4th year this year. But I dream of one day having the space for a proper in-ground vegetable garden. Big enough to produce more than my little balcony does. I long so much to have an urban micro-farm of my own.

In addition to the vegetables, I would have a few fruit trees, and some berry bushes. Oh, and part of the vegetable garden would be Three Sisters gardening. Everything would be heirloom stock; no GMO! I would learn to do real canning (as opposed to the refrigerator canning I do now), and have a pantry full of wholesome home-sourced food for my household. I would also share it and barter it for other people's home-sourced foods that I don't have, like honey or eggs. If I could meet some hunters, I'd barter for meat, too. It's only a fantasy for now, but I so hope someday it comes true.

Isn't it a sorry state of affairs when a food sourcing lifestyle that most people in America used to have by default at least in part is now a nearly unrealistic pipe dream? I recognize that I'm letting my privilege run unchecked by even wanting this, when millions of people in this country dream only that a genuine grocery store will open in their food desert neighborhood so they won't have to live out of convenience stores and McDonalds anymore. Still, I very much hope I can grow more food one day. I think I'm a city girl with a farmer's heart.

EDIT: I forgot the grape arbor!

Ask Dr. LJ

May. 21st, 2013 11:12 am
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What are some age-appropriate toys for an 8-month-old child? I'd like to send a box of a few gifts to the grandnephew, to kick off his first summer. When buying toys, I usually read the tag to see what age it's recommended for, but I imagine my friends with more baby experience than me can report on what toys were most popular with your little ones at 8 months.


PS -- He can not have a cell phone, although I'm sure that would be his first choice. He will have to settle for abusing other people's cellphones for now.
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When I buy something on the Internet, why do many companies then start sending me paper catalogs in the mail? My shared snail-mail basket is routinely clogged with paper catalogs from LL Bean, Vermont Country Store, Oriental Trading, The Party Store, and everywhere else I've ever made an online purchase.

Do they not understand?? I bought it on the Internet. I'm an Internet shopper who shops on the Internet. I haven't ordered anything from a paper catalog in probably 15 years, and I'm sure I never will again. Not when there's the INTERFUCKINGNET, where I can plug in my credit card number, click a few buttons, and wait for my product to arrive. No extracting the order form from the catalog with scissors, no filling it in with a dull pencil like my grandmother, no stamps, no paper at all unless I choose to print my receipt, which I don't usually. This is what Internet shopping is.

So in what way does it serve their business to mail me glossy, thick, expensive paper catalogs 4 to 6 times a year, and even thicker one at Christmas, at their own cost via USPS?

Case in point: My lifetime spending at The Vermont Country Store has been about $100 total. They have some old-fashioned candy that I like. Seeeeeeee the shiny Internet websiiiite?

You can click it! And buy things! That's what I did! You are stupid! Vermont! Dolts!

Immediately after that the paper catalogs started coming; I think there was even one tucked in my shipment box. This was several years ago and now every quarter, every spendy holiday like Christmas and Halloween, here comes a catalog, and they're not free to produce. Not even cheap. If I have spent only $100 there, then they've spent it right back at me in catalogs that go from mail basket to recycling bin unread. Sure, I might buy more candy from them; I'm sure I will. But can you guess how I'm going to buy it? It involves a big glowing box with pictures on it, and a small hand device named after a rodent.

Don't get me started with charitable giving mailers. It's the same thing but worse, because unlike mercantile, I do care what they do with the money I give them. The mail basket runneth over with envelopes fat and thin from ever lefty-liberal thing I've ever thrown $20 at, which I did -- surprise!--on the Internet.

If any of these stores or charities were smart, they'd note by what vehicle I squirt money. "She is an Internet shopper! Let us spam her email address and save these costly catalogs and charity mailers for outhouse-squatting luddites in, I don't know, Vermont!"

Heading home now. I absolutely know what will be in the mail basket.
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I wrote this review on Yelp just now, and I'll share it here too:

111 Hancock St
North Quincy, MA 02171
(617) 328-1115

The vintage 60s/70s exterior of this restaurant caught our eye as we were driving around in our Zipcar this past Saturday evening. We were actually on our way to The 99 for steaks, but we made a note to try Cathay Pacific sometime soon. As it happened, after a lazy Sunday at home, we decided to try it for dinner that very evening.

We had already dropped off the Zipcar, so this place is a bit of a hike on foot from the North Quincy T station. But it was a lovely late afternoon, and about 15 minutes of slow walking got us there. What we weren't expecting was that when we got there, the place was absolutely packed to the rafters, mostly with families, many of them dressed up. I couldn't figure out why is was so slammed at only 5:45 PM on a Sunday. I thought maybe it was booked up for a wedding. We put in our name for a table for two and waited our turn for about 20 minutes. It took me almost as long to remember why it was so busy -- it was Mother's Day.

The decor is like stepping into the past, to the Rat Pack era or so. It reminded me of the old Sahara Casino in Las Vegas except more Chinese-y. Service was brisk and something short of gracious at the hostess stand, but they were up to their eyeballs in customers so I can let that slide.

Old school Chinese-American food makes me dance in my chair when I can get it. This place is so old school that they don't even give you chopsticks -- our places were set with western silverware only. It's been a decade or more since I've had Chicago-style chow mein, so I had to order it. All of your grandparents' "Oriental" favorites are there too, like egg foo yong, chop suey...they've got it all. [ profile] beowabbit is the king of General Gao's Chicken, so I wasn't surprised by his choice. The drinks, too, are straight out of history: Mai Tai, Suffering Bastard, Fog Cutter, and of course Scorpion Bowls. The menu text must not have changed since 1968. ("Try the NEW sensation! FROZEN strawberry DAIQUIRI!") I had the non-alcoholic fruit punch which came with a big fruit skewer, and he got an Old Fashioned.

It tasted like childhood! My Chicago-style was just like I remember it, all mung bean sprouts and onions and mushrooms and water chestnuts, all in a brown sauce. It came with the kind of crispy noodles that I thought were extinct. Apparently the General's was good too, though I won't taste anything that sweet. Rolls and butter, tea, fortune cookies and pineapple chunks all showed up. Oh, and very good Peking Ravioli. Portions were giant. We would have been fine sharing one app and one entree.

We had a great time and would definitely go back. The people on Yelp who hated it most were the ones expecting cuisine. This isn't cuisine. It's Chinese-American food. If they don't want to eat it they can go sit in the car until we're finished.


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