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Hello to anyone who's still here!

I know I haven't posted in over eight months. I'm mostly over on Facebook now, but I couldn't let today go by without a post to dear old LiveJournal, where it all began for my beloved [ profile] beowabbit and me.

Nearly 11 years ago, we met for the first time at a Thanksgiving dinner, but didn't get to interact much because we were at opposite ends of the table. Over the next few months, we somehow got on each other's LJ friendslists, but it wasn't until the following August 10th that we went on our first real date.

Exactly ten years later, we are more in love than ever, and I am the luckiest girl in the world. He is the home of my soul, and the light of my path in life. I never thought something so wonderful would ever come into my life, but there you go. :-)

Tonight we will celebrate at our special restaurant in the North End. Today is the first rain we've had after a 2-month drought, so we might have to eat inside, but that's fine. Anywhere we're together is happy!

Love you forever and always, my dearest darling [ profile] beowabbit!

Five Years

Aug. 11th, 2011 12:31 pm
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This past Sunday, before a small group of friends who joined us for a private party at our favorite North End restaurant, I said these words to my precious, beloved [ profile] beowabbit:

When I look into your eyes, my heart feels the joy of a puppy, or the peacefulness of a swan, or the cheerful mischief of a blue jay, or the loving protectiveness of a mare.

In this life you will feel no rain, for I will be sanctuary for you. In this life you will feel no cold, for I will warm you always. In this life there will be no isolation for you, for my heart stays with you wherever you go. In this life there will be no loneliness for you, for I will be eternally by your side.

Thank you, my darling, for five beautiful years of love, and so many more ahead!


Aug. 26th, 2009 02:31 pm
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My boyfriend

just surprised me

with the gift of

a dishwasher

on HIS birthday.

I can't find words, other than that I love him so very, very much and am grateful for every minute that he is in my life.
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It's not quite Valentines Day yet, but I won't likely be on LJ much tomorrow because I'll be right were I want to be, with my beloved [ profile] beowabbit. And I just want to tell the world just how much joy he brings me by being in my life.

It's not a stretch to say that every day is Valentine's Day for us. And that's something that I'd given up hope of ever finding. Every day there are love texts letting me know he's thinking of me. When we are together there are endless kisses and his strong arms around me. He is my Geek in Shining Armour, looking things up on Wikipedia and being his smart and ever-learning self. He is my beloved, and he is also my friend, and is someone who I respect and look up to and derive great inspiration from. After almost 3 years together, I still have a raging crush on him.

I also want to thank the dear friend who brought us together, lovely yenta [ profile] surrealestate. She'll always be the Fairy Godmother of this wondrous relationship, and I won't ever forget that.

My darling Jay, thank you for being my joy and my delight and my lover and the one who makes my heart fly out of my chest and flap around the room. I've got my driving cap on and the Love Bus is going to hit you every day!
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...everywhere you look, there are things fixed with gaffer's tape. :-)

Today I am delighted to be home cooking, in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. Yesterday was cleaning day, with [ profile] beowabbit joining in after work. We ordered and ate a Greek pizza topped with gyro (yum!), cleaned like demons elves wabbits, then got into the bourbon. I decided it was time to worry about my new cut and my lack of a Tetanus shot since age 10. So we had to look up Tetanus on Wikipedia, which led to tangential link surfing throughout Wiki and much silliness. I left something out above that isn't for general audiences. ;-)

Tetanus rhymes with Tetris (after a fashion) which is what I must now do to the freezer. Then pies, potatoes, and prep for tomorrow. I'm in the kitchen if you need me...

I Love Him

Nov. 1st, 2007 04:48 pm
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I feel overflowing gratitude for my darling [ profile] beowabbit and his love, and for the optimism that radiates from him and spreads to others. I say this all the time, but I feel it all the time -- he can make any situation seem more manageable and less negative just by holding me in his arms. Knowing that he loves me makes me often feel like I have the heart of a lion inside me. Especially when he calls me "Lambkin."

I love you, my dear and wonderful darling. You are joy embodied.

This post is public so that everyone in the world can see it.

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The Wabbit o' My Heart borrowed an old video of me singing with a band I use to be in, and made lots of awesome images from it! Could he possibly be more wonderful? I'm just bubbling over with squee over the pictures:

Later I will load all of these into my LJ gallery, but for now, since it was a public entry, I'll just give you a link to his post so you can see all the pix yourself. I love you so much, sweetie. You make my heart sing (while it flutters around the room dripping blood on everything). :-)

I sort of miss those band days. I was in several, and that was the last of them, circa 2002. The band went through a number of names: The Pimentos, The Pimentones, The Mary Sues. We mostly played gigs in hick towns like Hopkinton MA and Nashua NH, because gigs in Greater Boston are insanely difficult to land unless you're hip fashionista pretty boyz 'n girlz, which we definitely weren't. At age 38 I was the youngest person in the band, and we played mostly blues standards, some rockabilly, some swing, and the like. This video is of the only city gig we ever landed, at the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge.

The band was led by my friend Peter, and in addition to me it included Peter's father-in-law Ray, our friend Lee, and some schmuck from Craigslist named Norm who we didn't like but who we kept around due to laziness. He replaced a different schmuck named Matthew who we also didn't like but whose presence was temporarily forced upon us by a demon woman named Shifra who Peter was in unrequited love with. Such is the drama of a band.

I don't know if I'll ever be in a band again. It's hard when you don't drive, because practice space is rare in the city. It was a lot of fun, though. Have a look at the pix and you'll get an idea.

I love my sweetie so much. He'll be here soon!

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As if my darling wasn't already wonderful to me, yesterday he surprised me with the gift of a digital camera for previously-non-camera-owning me!

He basically tricked me into a camera/electronics store on our way to a party yesterday, asking if I minded if we stopped there for a minute. Good thing I said okay, because once inside, we strolled by the camera counter and I mused how I probably should buy a digital camera. I was interested in a low-tech, easy to use camera for a very non-professional and in fact sub-amateur photographer. (Quoth me: "Lots of buttons are a bad thing.") There were two of these in my target price range, and I liked the more compact of the two. That was when he told me that he'd been planning to buy me a camera. Out of the blue, he made the camera mine! And a case! And rechargable batteries! And OMG! Do I not have a world class sweetie? :-D I love you, [ profile] beowabbit!

I had to show my new camera to everyone at the party, and snapped some nice shots, particularly of him. The whole day was incredibly romantic. We had a very sexy late morning/early afternoon at home, which was a wonderful treat itself. Then the party, where we spent a lot of time poolside with people coming by to talk to us. My chocolate cake got et right up. After dark there was a fire show (I never knew how many people spun fire poi!). We left on the early side, and snuggled up with no need for the air conditioner, it being great sleeping weather.

Love my man, love my new camera. Now I get to spend the afternoon loading the software and playing with images. Guess I'll have to start using Flickr, huh? :-)

Thank you, my wabbity wuver! *kiss*

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Last night we had our first official rehearsal for Cabfare For The Common Man. As a character actress, it's completely thrilling to finally get to play the love interest. Even as a young actress, I never even once got cast in The-Girl-Whom-The-Boy-Gets role. Then and now, I generally play The Bitch or The Ditz or The Battle Axe or The Saucy Wench. At long last, today I am The Woman. Better late than never! :-)

And on Friday, I get to be with my own Romantic Leading Male, [ profile] beowabbit, after his weekend away and my busy week of rehearsals. Stand-by for Act I... ;-)

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Aquatic creatures great and small kept [ profile] beowabbit and I entertained at the New England Aquarium yesterday. Neither of us had been there in years, so we saw it with more or less fresh eyes. The Harbor Seals greeted us out front. They have a wonderful dog-like appeal, and look ready to play fetch. We'd gotten a late start, so we strolled to the top of the 3-story tank, then wound through as many side exhibits as we had time for. Just now I was going to call it an "ark of creatures," but now that I think about it, hardly any of these creatures would have needed an ark to survive a flood. They would have just coasted through, perhaps laughing. Sorry, Noah.

We had dinner in Faneuil Hall, then went back to see the 3-D Lion movie at the Imax. It was an anthropomorphized look at lions in the wild, but entertaining nonetheless. We were sleepy critters ourselves by then and headed back to his place.

There's not enough light in my room for my webcam to show you the T-shirt [ profile] beowabbit gave me, but it says "TEAM PLUTO." My darling boy knows me well! He also gave me a coffee maker, a rolling backpack that he doesn't use, a loaded MP3 player, plenty of love, and I am the luckiest girl in the world! It isn't even my birthday. :-)

Well, it's a bit too late in the day to take that nap I'd wanted. Onward to the glamourous part of the weekend: cat litter and laundry!

We schemed for our upcoming Vegas trip, celebrated the positive new direction of his medical treatment, and generally enjoyed just being together.

Sometimes, life proves itself grander than one had ever even hoped for.

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Last night [ profile] beowabbit and I went to a reading night at a friend's house, and someone read us a chapter from a wonderful book I'd not heard of before: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, by Kate DiCamillo. It's a beautiful and moving novella for children, equally enjoyable for adults. I fell absolutely in love with it. Once it got passed around to me, the book's owner eventually had to ask for it back because I was completely absorbed in it and ignoring the next readers.

It's the tale of a dearly beloved china rabbit doll, who needs to learn how to love back. The miraculous journey in the title takes him there.

It was a journey to Chinatown this morning with my own beloved r/wabbit that led us to the book kiosk in South Station, where there was a lone copy of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane that he wanted to buy for me as a gift. I asked him to sign it for me. He did, and this copy of the book will be my treasure forever. We each went home in our own directions on the Red Line, and I spent the afternoon inhaling the whole novella cover-to-cover.

Those who have been reading my LJ for a while know that I don't generally do book reviews. Usually, I'm glad that you're reading what you're reading, and I'm glad that I'm reading what I'm reading, but it's seldom important to me if our reading lists interface or not. This is a rare-beyond-rare instance wherein I genuinely hope that you do read this book, or read it to your children, or have your grown children read it to you, at some point in your life before you're gone. Things take time, as our china-and-wire protagonist shows us.

I think [ profile] beowabbit knew it was my time to read this story.
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There are three Hello Kitty valentines taped to my bedroom mirror, all from beloved [ profile] beowabbit, with intentionally childlike hand-writing expressing love and other (less childlike!) affections. We spent Valentine's Day tucked safely indoors at his house, making merry in all kinds of ways until we were too sleepy to stay up. The cold and snow stayed outdoors. It was a delightful holiday.

Today my darling boards a flight for LA, and onward to Hawai'i for a 10-day vacation. I'll miss him very much, but I'll be happy knowing that he's soaking up the warmth and sunshine on the beaches, and spending time with one of his closest friends. When he comes back I'll kiss his tan face and try to siphon some of that summery weather from him. :-)

Bon voyage, love! Enjoy the Spam sushi!

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Last night I made a garlicky chicken pot pie for me and [ profile] beowabbit, the perfect hot comfort food on a freezing winter night. Everybody got some -- the cats got the raw trimmings from the chicken when I was prepping last night, and [ profile] vanguardcdk had some and liked it in spite of the mushrooms. Oh yes, it had mushrooms, potatoes, peas, carrots, and diced chicken breast, all in a creamy garlic-chicken sauce inside a flaky golden crust. The kind of food that you need to have sex after eating, because you're so overflowing with life's bounty.

Pie is magical food. You can put anything you want in it, and it emerges from the oven beaming with homespun joy and flavor. No matter if you're vegan or a meatasaur, or whether you prefer sweet or savory, it's all pie and it's all good. I'm in a very Titus mood today, full of inspiration for at least 20 kinds of pie that I've never had but which I think would be luscious. Maybe I should host a pie supper sometime this winter and we can watch Sweeney Todd. (My beloved [ profile] beowabbit bought me a new DVD player!).

Pies On My Mind:

Ham with cheddar and smoked gouda pie
Key tangerine pie
Flan pie
Chili pie (hey, I've never had it)
Those medieval meat-fruit pies from A Boke of Gode Cookery (mostly cuz [ profile] beowabbit is into the meat-fruit interface)
Thanksgiving food pie (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc)
Coffee cream pie (chocolate covered espresso beans for garnish, oh yes)
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Mini Pies (don't think I wouldn't)
This just goes on....

I packed up the leftovers for him to bring to work for lunch today. I adore my Wabbity Wuver!
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My birthday today is turning out wonderful, due in large part to my darling, dearly loved [ profile] beowabbit.

Early last evening, he picked me up a Logan after my week in Rochester doing family Christmas (I really do love Christmas, and I don't care who knows it :-)). It was the first time I've ever had anyone other than family meet me at an airport. Often I've waited alone for my lugage, watching wistfully as others lept into the arms of their sweethearts, kissing and kissing. This time, finally, I got to be one of those people. It was a lovely homecoming.

We dropped of my gear at my house and decided to exchange gifts. We had candy for each other (I'm eating one of the truffles he gave me right now). I am now the proud owner of a beautiful new crock pot that will yield many a tasty meal. He is now wearing the fisherman's sweater and fleece I got him.

We headed out to Diesel for a hello to the Tuesday gang, and ended up snowballing into a large dinner group at Namaskar. Just like an organized birthday dinner, but out of the blue. I was weary after a day of travel and we headed back to my house to catch up on wabbit business. Little wonder we slept until 10:00 AM.

I had indulgently arranged for today off (no way I was going to ruin my birthday in that place). He suggested I open my birthday gift -- yum, some sexy books that I'm already enjoying. We had a leisurely breakfast at The Broken Yolk...mmmmmm. After that, I'd been desperately needing to apply for passport renewal (he does, as well) so we both got new passport photos taken in Davis, and since I had my old passport with me, I sent in my application at the post office. Wonder where the rambling trail will lead this year?

He needed to spend a few hours at work, which worked out well because I needed to unpack and get things in order to start work again tomorrow. We'll be meeting up again tonight for more snuggles and a cozy dinner at a favorite place in Powderhouse.

How did I get this lucky?

This is the first birthday since my late 20s that I haven't fretted or mourned about getting older. I don't feel one iota older, I feel proud of my age (I'm 43, world!), and I know that "old" is a choice, not an assigned life position, and we can accept or reject it until we drop dead in our soup (hopefully delicious soup).

Thank you to sweet [ profile] beowabbit for sharing this day with me, and for coming into my life and making it all the sweeter. (We met through [ profile] pheromone, to whom I also owe thanks!) And thank you to all the LJers who wished me well on this day.

Birthdays really aren't so bad after all. :-)


Dec. 12th, 2006 12:08 pm
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[ profile] beowabbit brought me a gorgeous gift from his out-of-town trip; a beautiful leather eye mask in in deep, shiny sea tones of blue and green. It has swirls and ornamental curves pressed into the leather, and fancy folds and twists. It's just exquisite, a true work of art. I wish I had a working camera so I could show you. But I'll be wearing it for parts of Arisia, definitely.

I expect I'll also don it for Important Wabbit Business one of these evenings, too. :-) He has yet to see me in it.

Thank you, sweetie darling!

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Last night [ profile] beowabbit and I had dinner at The Elephant Walk with two of his acquaintences. We then headed off to a jolly party, where we had a grand time and were among the last to leave. We went back to his place and slept like the dead. When we got up, we did some online shopping and then went to a wee little eatery near his house for a classic diner breakfast before he drove me back to Somerville.

I just had a nap that probably would have lasted until dark if I hadn't forced myself up from a rambling dream set in a candy factory. Shortly I'll be going to the Steering Committee meeting for T@F, then a potluck dinner with friends I haven't seen in while.

Through all this, I did not have to think about work. A little distraction is excellent medicine. ;-)
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I'm still bubbly over how sailingly well the Thanksgiving potluck went. This was the first event that [ profile] beowabbit and I have hosted together, and on a special day for us -- the exact 1-year anniversary of the first time we were introduced to each other (by [ profile] pheromone). And here we are a year later, well fed with wonderful friends, a fridge full of leftovers, and memories of a very happy holiday.

Perhaps only [ profile] heliopsis and my mother knew of my severe turkey-roasting anxiety -- it was my first. But with their help and advice, I was able to do a little dance of joy when the "done" button popped up on the beautiful, golden-brown bird, all 22-pounds of it. It came out juicy and delicious, with enough drippings for [ profile] heliopsis to make gravy, which [ profile] beowabbit and I agreed was the Very Best gravy either of us had ever tasted. [ profile] mangosteen brought over a selection of very fine scotch and tequilla (for sipping, not mixing!) that was liberally enjoyed. [ profile] kalliejenn2 supplied punch and pie. The Wabbit made his famous garlicky sweet potatoes, while I covered mashed potatoes and stuffing. Pies flew in from all directions (6 in all, I think). [ profile] docorion sage-n-onioned us, and I got to meet [ profile] mattlistener and [ profile] mud_puppy for the first time. It was a cuddly squeeze in the livingroom with plates-on-laps. But as [ profile] mangosteen observed, "This is what a family Thanksgiving really is." Much snuggling, much laughter and leisurely fun.

I am, without mentioning it often, painfully and cringingly shy about hosting or letting people see my house. Look up "humble abode" in the dictionary, and you'll see this crow's nest that [ profile] vanguardcdk and I share. The kitchen is is similar to a ship's galley, with all the pots and pans hanging hodge-podge from the walls, and the floor unlevel. The apartment is appointed with yard sales goodies and prize trash picks, and the cats have the run of the house. Peculiar bric-a-brac catches the cautiously curious eye here and there. The house has a vague Weasley flavor to it -- one might expect the dishes to leap up and do themselves, albeit a slapshod job. It isn't a planned decorating scheme; it's just what we have. But seeing it filled with friends and merrymaking let me know that, in spite of my doubts, it is indeed a place where merry can be made.

I have such a lot to be thankful for, and felt so much of that gratitude on this lovely holiday. After the last guests trickled out, [ profile] beowabbit and I went a bit wild and used the kitchen in a manner for which it was not designed. ;-) And why not? A feast goes beyond food, when one is blessed with the twin treasures of love and an oaisis of light-hearted time.

A happy holiday weekend to all, and a wonderful year ahead.

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What a warm and delightful night [ profile] beowabbit and I enjoyed last night. We'd both been exhausted (as we both often are) from the long week, but being together perked us right up and eased away my stress of the last few days. We had some wine and quality time on the balcony, then a yummy dinner we compiled collaboratively. [ profile] beowabbit had made his signature crockpot dish called Kalua Pig, which he brought over for me to try for the first time. It was delicious, very tender and juicy. We augmented it with wonderfully starchy sides and more wine. Then came time for my homemade cheesecake, and I'd had my fingers crossed about how it would come out (the last one I made was neither creamy nor sweet enough). This one came out perfect, as good as any restaurant cheesecake.

Never content with just one dessert, we left plenty of time for snuggly goodness before falling off to sleep (and very good sleep, at that). Suffice it to say he got two kinds of cheesecake. :-)

The first thing I said this morning was "I don't want tonight to be over." But there was work for me to get dressed for, and now he is off for a weekend jaunt to visit friends out of state. All my cuddles and kisses go with him!

(Yes, I am trying to make you all vomit. Do it!)


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