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As if my darling wasn't already wonderful to me, yesterday he surprised me with the gift of a digital camera for previously-non-camera-owning me!

He basically tricked me into a camera/electronics store on our way to a party yesterday, asking if I minded if we stopped there for a minute. Good thing I said okay, because once inside, we strolled by the camera counter and I mused how I probably should buy a digital camera. I was interested in a low-tech, easy to use camera for a very non-professional and in fact sub-amateur photographer. (Quoth me: "Lots of buttons are a bad thing.") There were two of these in my target price range, and I liked the more compact of the two. That was when he told me that he'd been planning to buy me a camera. Out of the blue, he made the camera mine! And a case! And rechargable batteries! And OMG! Do I not have a world class sweetie? :-D I love you, [ profile] beowabbit!

I had to show my new camera to everyone at the party, and snapped some nice shots, particularly of him. The whole day was incredibly romantic. We had a very sexy late morning/early afternoon at home, which was a wonderful treat itself. Then the party, where we spent a lot of time poolside with people coming by to talk to us. My chocolate cake got et right up. After dark there was a fire show (I never knew how many people spun fire poi!). We left on the early side, and snuggled up with no need for the air conditioner, it being great sleeping weather.

Love my man, love my new camera. Now I get to spend the afternoon loading the software and playing with images. Guess I'll have to start using Flickr, huh? :-)

Thank you, my wabbity wuver! *kiss*


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