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Had a dream last night that [ profile] beowabbit was a contestant on a reality TV show called Drum Boys. It was a peculiar name, since some of the contestants were female. This premise of this elimination-style game was that they started with 16 people who had absolutely no experience or training in playing the drums. They were all put in drum lessons together. Each week, one person got voted off the show by their fellow contestants. Sometimes it was because that person had made the least progress in learning to play drums, but sometimes it was just due to typical reality TV drama and politics. Unfortunately I woke up before getting to find out if [ profile] beowabbit got voted off or not.

Poor man, having to be the boyfriend of me and my surreal brain!
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Having no choice but to use the Tick Tock Clock for one night or risk oversleeping, I was kept awake fitfully most of the night. The early morning brought a rogue dream wherein [ profile] pheromone and [ profile] jimmystagger were married. But it wasn't the sweet, cuddly Jimmy that we all know and love. It was a special Evil Edition Jimmy. In the house that I inexplicably shared with them, he went after her with scissors. Even at rest, my mind is a terrible place.

One-act play selection meeting tonight. I'll be glad to get through it and be done with that phase of the festival.


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