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Of all the merchandise available for Nightmare Before Christmas, the one item I totally want but have never seen produced is the Halloweentown emergency siren -- the iron cat that yowls a screaming siren when its tail is cranked. (How awesome would that be for a doorbell? Well, not to the neighbors, but to me!) I've long wanted one but I don't think anyone has ever made them.

But short of that, I am SO getting these:

Deadly Night Shade and Frog's Breath


3-D movie tonight!

Geek House

Oct. 21st, 2006 02:54 pm
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In a while [ profile] vanguardcdk's gaming group will be here for tabletop D&D. In our 11th-hour effort of tidying up the living room, [ profile] vanguardcdk made the discovery that you can make the cat-owned futon couch presentable and inviting by simply putting a cover on it. This is a glaringly obvious solution that has alluded me for the 3 years I've owned the futon couch. Honestly, it never occurred to me to buy some covers for it (he used a spare blue bedsheet, but real futon covers are out there). The futon has been stark naked for as long as I've had it, and I'm perpetually dealing with the cat hair whenever someone is about to come over. I'll buy some. Also, do they make boards to go under the seating part so you don't feel the rungs in your bum?

This is proof, if proof is needed, that I am not a Domestic Goddess.

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[ profile] pheromone trash-picked a neat upolstered swivel chair for us (me and [ profile] vanguardcdk), and last night she and I schlepped it two blocks about five blocks from her house to ours. I have no upper body strength, so by the time we finally made it home, I was pouring the bourbon while she and CDK wrestled it up to the 3rd floor. More drinkies, and the ratty old armchair-turn-catpost was dispatched to the curb, and the living room rearranged by [ profile] pheromone in a more space-efficient layout. It looks quite awesome already, even with just her few changes in furniture positioning.

That wasn't all. We found a nice wicker loveseat on my street, which she carried over her head while I stood guarding the chair, and the wicker loveseat ended up as the new focal point of the balcony. The horrid old broken chairs out there were sent to Valhalla, and the balcony now has a "conversation section," and a "love nest." I'm going to waterproof that loveseat with some substance or other from Tags. It looks lovely out there now.

Thank you High Beam for your decorative eye and rockingness! :-)


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