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Would anyone know what sort of service person you would call to replace a broken door knob? Our bathroom door knob is entirely totaled. [ profile] vanguardcdk and I gaff taped the latchy part down so that it can't latch or lock, but that's no permanent solution. Locksmith? I really have no idea.

We could also seriously use a new toilet seat and lid. Who would do that, do you know? A plumber doesn't sound quite right.
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Yesterday while on an innocent errand to the supermarket in Porter Square, [ profile] beowabbit and I detoured into Tags (a small Home Depot-ish store). As it happened, we'd dropped in on a day when they were offering a very special deal on lovely wooden shelving units they'd acquired -- just $19.99 for 4-level shelving that ordinarily went for $50+. We bought six. :-)

Two were for me, and he gallantly schlepped them up the three flight of stairs to my treehouse. (Thank you, sweetie!) [ profile] vanguardcdk set about the nasty business of moving the TV/DVD player and it's complicated wiring to another part of the room, and got one of the new shelving units set up. I set in to shoveling nine years of accumulated crap around, some of it going into a box that got hauled to the curb. [ profile] beowabbit is going to secure the upper unit to the wall (they're stackable!) and we will finally have a proper place for all our books, while optimizing seating room.

I have a stereo for sale -- $50. It has a 5 CD changer, AM/FM, and a cassette player for you old-schoolers. Perfect condition; I just never use it. Can post pix.


I hate when I'm engrossed in a really riveting novel, and my reading is interrupted by little annoyances like having to go to work. Want to be reading. Really riveting novel = God Is Dead by Ron Currie, Jr.

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One of our full garbage cans, which wasn't lidded, filled all the way up with rain water during the heavy rain two weeks ago. The can was so heavy that I couldn't even budge it, but being in a hurry for my first day of work, I left it, hoping that someone else from the house would get it to the curb somehow, which didn't happen. That was a very big mistake. Last night, I dumped the can over to drain the water. Oh great gods of festering hell.

There isn't a word in the English language to describe the stench of that water. "Foetid" is perhaps one-quarter strong enough a word. The can had contained non-sealed (and squirrel-chewed) bags of cat litter, rotting food, and all manner of crap, surrounded by gallons of rain water. During the unseasonable heat of last week, the putrid caldron had brewed into the strongest and worst-smelling death potion I've ever smelled in my life. As it gushed out, forming brown puddles and rivers on our driveway, I screamed and jumped, trying to stop the bags from rolling, getting the polluted water all over my shoes and hands.

I was crying a little by the time the boys from downstairs, who were BBQing, offered me a snow shovel and abandoned their BBQ to run inside. Odor that makes you cry is something serious. Our household hasn't owned a hose in about a year. There was nothing I could do but put the breaking garbage bags back in the can and haul it to the curb. I had to throw away the shoes I was wearing and scrub my hands and forearms with Skoe 10x for 20 minutes to get the stink off. But there was nothing I could do about the driveway but pray for rain.

This morning, our whole end of the street stunk. I'll be buying a hose at Sear's on my lunch hour and will be home at 5:30 PM with several gallons of bleach, but in the hours between, it's going to warm up as high as 70. I just know one of my cranky neighbors is going to call the police about the smell. The crotchety old man next door has called the police on us dozens of times for things he doesn't like about our yard, like our compost bin (now gone because of him) and our lack of grass. He's going to have a field day with this odor, and it's going to be a miserable thing to explain to my landlord if the Board of Health cites us.

I'm actually experiencing circumstantial depression about this.


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