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Spending some time today researching what I'll be able to do as a Justice of the Peace was a real spirit-lifter, and boy did I need it. Although it will take years and years to grow into a small business, I feel like a tiny corner of a huge barrier has been lifted a bit. Little by little, I can build toward doing work that I love and am proud of, not just work I endure for a paycheck. Someday I can retire and do weddings full time. I can make weddings. It gives me hope.

It's not quite time yet, but pretty soon I'm going to have to get a little website up. I haven't built a website by myself since this ancient thing (dig that 90s X-Files font). Would anyone I know be willing to help guide me if I pay you a little? The Justices' sites are generally very simple. Here, have a gander at a few.

Once I get it up I'll be glad to link anyone who runs a wedding-related business (I'm looking at [ profile] weegoddess, who BTW makes the most gorgeous eco-friendly wedding attire on the planet.)

This is just too perfect. I'm a theatre person, a writer, and a hopeless romantic. I've never been able to turn any of those into a part-time profession, but put them all together, and maybe someday. :-)


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