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Most friends and many friends-of-friends know that I notarize things for free. Yes, this is true and all well and good, and I'm glad to be able to offer that. What they don't seem to know is that I DON'T offer right-this-very-minute, drop-everything notary service at everyone's convenience but my own.

My life is scheduled in advance. I've had to decline the last 7 or 8 requests I've gotten over the past few months because, presumably, the requester has waited until the last minute before deadline of a document that needs notarization, and they call needing right-now service just as I'm stepping out on a date, arriving at rehearsal, drawing a bath, on the train to my boyfriend's house, going to a job interview, immersed in writing a paper, etc. Sorry, not gonna happen.

Folks, I don't offer that, and I suppose I should clarify it. If you give me a few days lead time, I can probably meet up to notarize your document. If you need it right now or within hours, I'd rather you didn't bother calling me; you're going to have to wait until the banks open in the morning and talk to an NP there. I had to delete my offer of notarization post on DS_LJ for this very reason. I'm happy to be able to notarize with advanced notice. But I live a scheduled life, and I ask that this be respected.
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This past Friday, I went down to the Office of Public Records to be sworn in as a Notary Public for The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I had to hold up my right hand and read an oath aloud, sign a ginormous Hogwarts-esque book, and received my shiny certificate and papers. My embosser and supplies are ordered and should be here by next week. If you live in the area, I can notarize things for you for free. (There are Notaries Public at all major banks, but if you prefer having your documents notarized at Diesel, hit me up!)


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