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Popcorn balls, that is! With the help of my trusty Wabbit assistant, I'm making old-fashioned popcorn balls for the consession stand at PMRP's Halloween staged radio drama TOMES OF TERROR II: A STAGED RADION THRILLOGY. They will look like this:

Except there will be way more than 6 of them. When was the last time you had one of these crunchy, old-school treats? They're even vegan! And you can get them if you come to the show, which you should do anyway, balls or no.

The three staged radio drama's are:

Our Miss Brooks -- a madcap radio comedy classic
Carmilla -- vampires and goth from long before there was Goth
The Stone Ship -- Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

What you'll see of me is that I'm a Foley/FX Girl, along with a crew of other hottie chix in tight little black T-shirts, and we'll be creating live sound effects in view of the audience, so you can see how we make noise.


Performances are October 29th (Mon), October 30th (Tues) and October 31st (Wed). All performances start at 7:30 PM

First Congregational Church of Somerville, 89 College Ave. $12 for adults. $10 for students/seniors. You should definitely reserve tickets by emailing: And keep up with whatever trouble the Post Maridian Radio Players are up to at

Scare ya there!

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Today is the first day that I markedly noticed the sun going down earlier. The shadows at this time of day are different, and the sun's glare on the window across the street from my office is happening earlier. My favorite season is just around the corner!

It'll be a busy fall. One of the things I'll be doing is foley/sound effects for Tomes of Terror II, the next show by the Post-Meridian Radio Players. At PMRP shows, the foley artists work in view of the audience, so you can watch and find out how the sound effects are created. I got to do it last year in addition to voice acting, and I'm really excited that I was invited for another go. Performances will be October 29, 30, and 31, in Theatre@First's regular space. That's a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so it won't conflict with any weekend parties. I don't even need to ask -- you can definitely go. ;-)

We will also be finishing up recording of PMRP's Red Shift: Interplanetary Do-Gooder in the next few weeks, in which I voice several characters. Podcast ahead!


May. 18th, 2007 11:18 am
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It looks like my summer plans are shaping up like I hoped they would. I've been cast in Theatre@First's 4th annual one-act fest -- Festival@First: C'est Levine! I can't believe this is our 4th festival, already. I'm excited about my 3-headed role with its schizophrenic challenge. And there's the bonus perk of getting an onstage reunion with the mighty, mighty [ profile] mangosteen, among others.

I wear another hat in the festival, which is being the company liaison with our playwright, Mark Harvey Levine. Mark is a hot up-and-coming voice whose many short plays are being produced all over the world to enthusiastic reviews. I'm so proud that we're getting to showcase his work early on in his career, and hopefully some day we'll be able to boast that we caught a rising star. He's a wonderful talent and a lovable ol' mensch.

In addition, I'll be going into the studio with the rest of the PMRP cast of Red Shift to record the radio drama written by our own [ profile] derspatchel. Stand by for podcast, and remember, GREEN'S NOT A FLAVOR.

Maybe [ profile] beowabbit and I will get a chance to sneak out of town for a weekend late in the summer, but for now, I'll be right here.

Does anyone know if Director Carl D. has an LJ?

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If you're going to Arisia this weekend, please come hear/see our live radio comedy "Red Shift," presented by The Post-Meridian Radio Players and written by our own [ profile] derspatchel, taking place Sunday beginning at 1:00 PM. It's a fun sci-fi retro radio romp featuring the live voice and audio talents of [ profile] derspatchel, [ profile] eclecticavatar, [ profile] gilana, [ profile] pheromone, [ profile] oakenguy, [ profile] joyeous, [ profile] furtim, [ profile] audioboy, [ profile] kissoflife, [ profile] plumtreeblossom, and several non-LJers.

I'm told it will be in Presidential Ballroom D. Hope you can make it!
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I'm actually too busy to be posting this, but I just wanted to report that the Radio Drama opened to a full house last night, and the performance went smoothly and was enthusiastically received. Nights like last night renew my faith once again in The Magic Of Theatre. Final tech and fine tuning was happening right up to the very second the house opened, but no one could tell from an audience perspective. Things broke and were worked around as if it never happened. If I had been in charge I would have lit myself on fire and sat down on the floor to burn, but [ profile] audioboy, [ profile] eclecticavatar and the ace tech/stage crew spun the wizardry and we were ready to go. I love my role in The Monkey's Paw, and also doing foley for Fibber. I hope we spooked people. Tonight's your last chance to see it! I don't have time to type directions and stuff, but just click on my Friends page and there's a million posts and flyers about it with all the specifics.

*Gasp for air!*

Back underwater!


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