Jun. 9th, 2009 04:43 pm
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As most of you know, underneath the brown dye my hair is mostly pure white (It's genetic, runs in the family). Recently [ profile] beowabbit suggested it might look cool if I grew out one shock of white in the front, kind of like Bonnie Raitt. I could cover it with temporary dye while it was growing out, or for stage roles. I can sort of see it, but I wonder if it would age me. Curious what y'all people think:

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Sorry to be harping about this again, but I was just reading miles of complaints on about hotels surprising their guests with glass bathroom walls that leave the toilet totally exposed. I LOATHE this invasive and presumptuous trend in "decorating." Seeing so many others uncomfortable with it too was validating, but the fact that there were so many underlines the problem of how widespread it's becoming.

Priceline has landed the Wabbit and me in some pretty shi-shi digs for less than the price of a motel. For the first time in my life, I'm considering looking at European-style hotels with shared bathrooms. Its more inconvenient, but at least I know I'll have real walls! Oh, and all of you people who stay at the Pod; stick to the shared bathroom rooms. The en-suites are being rennovated to have glass bathrooms. Some already have them.

You're probably saying "Plumtreeblossom, why are you so up in arms about this when you only travel a few times a year?" Well, because I DO travel a few times a year, and I don't want my comfort levels dictated to me. I know one person who has seen this over-share design in someone's house, so it's not just hotels. I hate it because it seems to send the message "You are bad to want to hide anything about yourself." It also says "If you need an opaque toilet enclosure, you are a hopelessly unsophistocated hillbilly who ought not darken our chic doorway with your parochial sensitivities."

I need to know just how alone or not I am in this rejection of forced exposure. to that end:

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This poll will be repeated in October. Only numbers visible, no usernames.

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I think I'm drawn to men who enjoy unorthodox combinations of flavors. I was telling [ profile] beowabbit about a man I once loved who liked to make garlic hummus with blueberries mixed in. That's a very alien idea to my palate, but [ profile] beowabbit thought the dish sounded totally delicious.

Or, maybe those men are drawn to me. I am, after all, a highly unorthodox combination of weird things. :-)

So I'll pose the question to you, my hungry readers:

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Don't worry, I'm not in a bad mood. Just don't feel well.
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And now, a clicky poll for you:

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