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High Beam and Flash came up empty-handed last night in our search for dresses to wear to the wedding. Filene's basement was not the stockpile of beautiful party gowns it had been when we went last month, which happened to be on the eve of the annual Bridezilla Extravaganza. This time, the dresses were all either frumpy atrocities or cheap shmatteh. Macy's and H&M yielded nothing, either. If this keeps up, we might have to show up to D & K's wedding naked in tiaras. (which we saw plenty of, ironically).

We didn't go home without consolation prizes, though. We stopped in briefly at a Mary Kay product sampling event across from my workplace, and left with freebie bags of makeup and skin care samples and gooey compliments from the Mary Kay reps. I have to confess, I still delight in the bug-eyed looks and exclaimations of "No you aren't!" that I get when I tell my age. Even from sales reps. Neither of us wear much makeup most of the time, but free is free. :-)

Against all odds and without even looking, I also happened upon a purse that miraculously met my Impossibly Exacting Requirements for purses. That was good fortune, because my current purse was on its very last legs. I snapped it up at H&M for $16. Then we had drinkies at The Tam (best dive in the Theatre District) and called it a night.

Somewhere out there are our dresses. We just haven't found them yet.
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Alright, Marshall's is off the jihad list for now. Any day's a good day when you buy bumble bee striped panties. :-D



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