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I still can hardly believe we pulled it off. The Cabaret was a smashing success, we hauled in a fat profit and even sold a membership or two, and we had a blast doing it. Huzzah! It feels wonderful.

Never was a curse lifted like it was on this show. What started as "The Scottish Cabaret" -- an impossible gnarl of rehearsal space problems and a rehearsal accompanist who completely crapped out on us -- came together like magic in that last week and a half, right when Branden The Amazing Piano God Whom We Adore was able to join us. Everyone pulled together in just the right ways, and it really did feel like the start of a season of love.

All my thanks to so many people: to the powerhouse [ profile] lifecollage for expertly managing the food and beverages, to [ profile] audioboy for saving our butts during the rough early days, to [ profile] heliopsis for loaning us his house for rehearsals, to [ profile] bex77 for all her various co-production help, to [ profile] gilana for the programs, to [ profile] vanguardcdk and his house volunteers, to [ profile] muffyjo for strike, to [ profile] ariwriter for press, to all the volunteer bakers, and to my fabulous fellow performers: MC [ profile] pheromone, [ profile] mangosteen, [ profile] chanaleh, [ profile] heliopsis, [ profile] desireearmfeldt, [ profile] dietrich, [ profile] kissoflife, [ profile] hammercock, and the ever-talented Thom (who I wish had an LJ).

Thank you also to [ profile] ablock and cohorts for hosting us a splendid cast party, and for tolerating us being theatre squids and singing along to Avenue Q. And to everyone who came out the see the show, who helped strike or set up the food, and the Firsties not in the show who materialized to help with odds and ends. That's part of why I love the Theatre@First family.

I feel like a very lucky girl right now. Still vaguely green, but lucky. :-)
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December 1 & 2, 8:00 PM
To Benefit Theatre@First's 2007 Season
and First Congregational Church

Songs, desserts and treats, beverages, and fun!

Please plan to join us as we kick off the December holidays with a cabaret of festive Broadway tunes and seasonal favorites. Some of your favorite Firsties will be there to serenade you, along with singers from the Church.

The Performances:

Friday, December 1, 8:00 PM
Saturday, December 2, 8:00 PM
$12 adult, $9 student/senior/children
Admission includes the show and a scrumptious spread
of desserts and holiday treats

This show is appropriate for all ages, so bring the kids!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Want to get involved and help out? We will need ushers and house crew, which will earn you free admission.

WE NEED BAKED GOODS DONATIONS! Are you famous for your holiday cookies? Do you make pie to die for? Know the secret to the perfect brownie? We need your donated baked goods! More info on that coming soon.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!
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I'm actually too busy to be posting this, but I just wanted to report that the Radio Drama opened to a full house last night, and the performance went smoothly and was enthusiastically received. Nights like last night renew my faith once again in The Magic Of Theatre. Final tech and fine tuning was happening right up to the very second the house opened, but no one could tell from an audience perspective. Things broke and were worked around as if it never happened. If I had been in charge I would have lit myself on fire and sat down on the floor to burn, but [ profile] audioboy, [ profile] eclecticavatar and the ace tech/stage crew spun the wizardry and we were ready to go. I love my role in The Monkey's Paw, and also doing foley for Fibber. I hope we spooked people. Tonight's your last chance to see it! I don't have time to type directions and stuff, but just click on my Friends page and there's a million posts and flyers about it with all the specifics.

*Gasp for air!*

Back underwater!

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Last night [ profile] beowabbit and I had a quick dinner at Yoshi's before going to see The Margaret Ghost on it's closing weekend at T@F.

[ profile] lillibet, you chose a phenomenal play to resurrect and bring to life on our stage. There was so much more to it than I'd caught from the excerpts I'd read months ago. Levels of humor and pain, dignity in the face of ridicule, battles between the need for love and the quixotic drive to fix the world. I'd never known much about these real historical characters (Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, et al). And I was so proud of the cast. [ profile] beowabbit seem to enjoy it a lot, too. I'm so glad he came with me.

I just remembered this morning about strike after the final performance Saturday night, so I'm going to go help with that and then crash the cast party, if the host doesn't mind.

Congratulations to all of you -- too many to list, but you know who you are. Bravi!
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Last night I went to the Firstie farewell dinner for our dear [ profile] kingscompanion, who is moving back to California. It's always sad when we lose someone, but it's especially hard to say goodbye to such a talented and warm person who we all quickly grew to love. I had the pleasure of directing him as the fumbling psychic Peter in the one-act Surprise, and also enjoyed being his castmate during the unforgettably wild adventure that was You Can't Take It With You, in which he played the endearing Mr. DePinna. To my knowledge, he is the only person who has ever gotten on his knees and bowed to me (even if we were in character!)

[ profile] kingscompanion, please keep in touch with us via LJ and keep us updated on your new life and doings. Here's hoping you keep acting, and that one day we'll spot you in a film! You're a Firstie for life, and we love you!


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