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I chucked out all my old notes for my novel. Everything except the outline, most of which still works for me. Over the years that I've been assembling the novel in my head, the characters have evolved and changed, sometimes dramatically so. Some are gone entirely, because they never really belonged there to begin with. A few new ones have emerged. I've developed new sympathies for characters who were once little more than whipping boys/girls. Some characters have swapped places with others in their level of importance. And new inspirations have come into my field of view since I first came up with the story. I'm so glad I'm writing it now rather than having tried several years ago. It is richer for having "cooked" longer in my head instead of going to text with raw edges that don't resonate.

[ profile] beowabbit, if you see a "name your baby" book next to my computer, please don't panic! I use these books for coming up with character names, and my old one is from the early 90s. I just ordered a new one, but fear not, the bun is in my brain, not the oven. :-)

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A while back, LJ announced a non-fiction contest for LJ users. They've picked a grand prize winner, to be announced next week, but they're also sponsoring a Community Choice contest with the 10 runners-up. I just finished reading all ten, and I highly recommend you read them too and vote for your favorite: LJ Non-Fiction Contest. There's some outstanding reading over there.

I completely regret not writing something and entering, but I forgot all about it in the busy throes of the past few weeks. Maybe they'll have more contests, since this one yielded such great work.


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