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The Wabbit o' My Heart borrowed an old video of me singing with a band I use to be in, and made lots of awesome images from it! Could he possibly be more wonderful? I'm just bubbling over with squee over the pictures:

Later I will load all of these into my LJ gallery, but for now, since it was a public entry, I'll just give you a link to his post so you can see all the pix yourself. I love you so much, sweetie. You make my heart sing (while it flutters around the room dripping blood on everything). :-)

I sort of miss those band days. I was in several, and that was the last of them, circa 2002. The band went through a number of names: The Pimentos, The Pimentones, The Mary Sues. We mostly played gigs in hick towns like Hopkinton MA and Nashua NH, because gigs in Greater Boston are insanely difficult to land unless you're hip fashionista pretty boyz 'n girlz, which we definitely weren't. At age 38 I was the youngest person in the band, and we played mostly blues standards, some rockabilly, some swing, and the like. This video is of the only city gig we ever landed, at the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge.

The band was led by my friend Peter, and in addition to me it included Peter's father-in-law Ray, our friend Lee, and some schmuck from Craigslist named Norm who we didn't like but who we kept around due to laziness. He replaced a different schmuck named Matthew who we also didn't like but whose presence was temporarily forced upon us by a demon woman named Shifra who Peter was in unrequited love with. Such is the drama of a band.

I don't know if I'll ever be in a band again. It's hard when you don't drive, because practice space is rare in the city. It was a lot of fun, though. Have a look at the pix and you'll get an idea.

I love my sweetie so much. He'll be here soon!

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Software just installed, and I'm already up to userpic mischief. :-) Love Out Loud, sweetie!

Having fun with the new cam. Here are some of my wee wildflower sprouts:

A few more new pix under the cut... )


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